Silverprince Pictures is an award-winning independent arthouse production studio comprising the development and production of films and branded entertainment content for audiences around the world through groundbreaking and compelling untold stories. 


Our philosophy of "Bringing The Art Out Of The Story has empowered the company to be unique in its innovative approach to visual storytelling and a creative content creation hub.  Headquartered in London, Silverprince Pictures was founded by Darius Shu in 2019. Through its connections in South East Asia, we also facilitate and coordinate production shoots between Asia and the UK. The company also hosts its dedicated streaming platform on Youtube to share the original content it produces. 

We create content under the division of
Films, Music and Branded Entertainment Commercials.



We are committed to produce films that involve visionary storytelling and integrating the elements of arthouse into conventional cinema. Combining exceptional talents with a focus on creating visually beautiful films with an uncompromising vision in production, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality content that will evoke emotions. We shine a light on untold stories, representing the underrepresented and raising awareness of social issues through a profound narrative to bring them to life on screen. We have shot and produced multiple award-winning films that have premiered at Oscar & BAFTA qualifying film festivals including the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, LA Shorts International Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival and HollyShorts Film Festival, and distributed on streaming platforms worldwide. Among its credits are our critically acclaimed films, Mical and His Hands.



The fundamental core values of Silverprince Pictures has always been to champion, develop, and produce arthouse films & branded content that shine a light on untold stories and raising awareness of social matters through compelling narratives.


Our organisation continues to platform the under-represented, and be inclusive of all cultures, genders, races, abilities, ethnic groups and communities by featuring and providing a voice to their stories, on-screen and behind the screen.


We are committed to translate this through our profound approach to visual storytelling, to be bold in our themes, and be inclusive of the regional participation and socioeconomic background of our talents and audiences in the United Kingdom. We are committed to work with the UK screen industries to continue adopting these standards across our slate of work and encouraging diversity, inclusion, equality, and opportunities in the workforce and content we produce.

Managing Director and Producer

Darius monitors and is fully involved in all production projects of the company. 

Darius has a Masters of Arts in Film Production (Cinematography) from Arts University Bournemouth. Silverprince Pictures has obtained multiple awards from film festivals including Tribeca Film Festival and Rhode Island International Film Festival..


The films are now distributed on streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Dekkoo and Youtube. All of Silverprince Pictures' projects have been critically acclaimed by many renowned publications and film critics. Darius’ vision for the company is to create visually beautiful poetic imagery and delivering a great social message in all of the company's work while providing a platform for under-represented talents on screen and behind the screen.

Darius has either produced or shot all of the company’s output and oversees the company’s activities, strategy, and productions.