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Queer Parivaar (Queer Family) is a narrative drama-musical film directed by Shiva Raichandani that revolves around the wedding of a queer couple, Sufi and Madhav, who are forced to face past secrets as a result of a mysterious person crashing their special day. The film implores audiences to reassess and expand their definitions and imageries of the words ‘love' and ‘family'.

Some of the themes addressed in the film include non-binary gender identities, LGBTQ+ weddings, interfaith romance, familial bonds, chosen families, and intergenerational differences. The film questions our outlook towards certain life experiences that have been veiled by heteronormative narratives. It pays homage to the sentiment of learning from queer people that have come before us, thus informing the ‘becoming’ of the non-binary protagonist. While there are multiple sensitive issues handled with utmost respect and care, audiences can expect lots of 'masala' and fun. 

The film will also feature original songs inspired by classical South Asian music. The beautiful and multitalented crew, on-screen and behind, is predominantly Asian. These are people who embody everyday activism where the visibility of their non-normative lifestyles is a political statement in itself. They bring crucial authenticity to the film through their lived experiences; the cast includes people who identify as non-binary, trans, intersex, lesbian, bisexual, and gay. Every single person involved is an absolute inspiration; they’re resilient, they resist, they refuse to be reduced to regressive stereotypes and tokenism. The film stars Shiva Raichandani and Raimu Itfum. 

The film is executive produced by Huma Qazi, written, produced, and directed by multidisciplinary non-binary artist Shiva Raichandani. The creative team also includes Amani Saeed as co-writer, Darius Shu as cinematographer and producer, Kaajel Partel as production designer and produced by Raisilence and Silverprince Pictures. 

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Watch the film now on All4. 

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