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"His Hands" Is Pure Art


Beautifully written - His Hands Review

Film Ink

This is cinema in its purest form - His Hands Review


Indie Short Mag

His Hands Review: Perfecting Disquietude

Vulture Hound

Masters the art of the unseen - His Hands Review


Every once in a while, a truly unusual and striking film stops you in your tracks – when it’s a silent film that runs just about as long as your tea break but packs a considerable punch, you know you’re really onto something.


His Hands offers an unnerving experience

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Close Up Culture

Secret Child: Film Review

Gscene Magazine

His Hands will leave you with all the questions for you to answer following its many clues.

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Indie Short Mag

Secret Child: The Possible Perils Of Shiny New Father Figures


GUAP Magazine

GUAP Interviews: Directors of Tribeca nominated LGBTQ+ Arthouse Silent Film “His Hands”

Arron Blake and Darius Shu

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New Wave Magazine

His Hands Key Frames

London Live

His Hands made with a budget of 400 pounds has just had its premiere at one of the world's leading film festivals.

The Movie Buff

There is no exact way to write, direct, or portray different imagery and one artist’s method will most likely be completely diverse to the next.



Looking Past The Surface To Find Things You Never Knew Existed: Darius Shu & Arron Blake On Their Short Film

"His Hands"

The Star

‘His Hands’ goes to NY’s Tribeca Film Festival

Occhi Magazine

Filmmaker Darius Shu Shares Exciting News About His Film “The Secret Child” and More

World of Buzz

This Director’s Debut Film Was Selected For

Robert De Niro’s Film Festival. 

Horror Buzz

Featuring no dialog outside of a cryptic physical language that both parties seem to comprehend on some level but which eludes any firm translation, His Hands exists to be pondered more than understood. 

Close Up Culture

Ahead of the festival later this week, Close-up Culture’s James Prestridge spoke to the co-directors about their incredible resourcefulness, exploring the issue of loneliness, creating a distinct visual style, and much more.

Culture Fix

Arron Blake and Darius Shu write, direct, and produce short film, His Hands, an atmospheric psychological thriller. Shu and Blake opt not to use dialogue throughout, lending further strength to the film's richly crafted aesthetics and allowing us as viewers to use our own perspectives in exploring the intriguingly ambiguous narrative. 

Film Threat

Co-writers and directors Arron Blake and Darius Shu have grand ambitions for the intentionally ambiguous His Hands. 

UK Film Review

Cranking the atmosphere to eleven, short filmmakers Arron Blake and Darius Shu treat audiences to a smorgasbord of tension and drama with no dialogue to act as relief. The result is a compelling and piercing mystery-thriller.


‘His Hands’ goes to NY’s Tribeca Film Festival


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