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MICAL is based on an inspiring true story of tenacity as a seven-year-old boy struggles to make sense of words on the page. But when Mike is diagnosed with dyslexia and the teachers continue to fail him, his mother takes matters into her own hands to help her son fulfil his true potential. A mother who moves mountains to learn how to help her son who with determination seeks out knowledge and teachers to teach her about dyslexia. She had the bravery to bring him home and teach him herself. She learned how to teach Orton-Gillingham and developed it into games. She taught the boy who couldn't spell his own name at 9 to read, write, and spell exceptionally well. It's the story of a lioness mother who wouldn't give up on her son, and a boy determined to succeed- and help prevent other children from having to go through what he did.


The film aims to raise awareness for dyslexia and create a change in the education system for children struggling with dyslexia.​ 


The screenplay is written by Malcolm Duffy, who was the creative director of Comic Relief. The creative team includes cinematographer Darius Shu (Secret Child, His Hands), who is also the associate producer on the film. Other key crew members include editor Struan Clay, gaffer Jim Agnew, makeup-artist Allison Edwards, stylist Katie Reid, production designer Elizabeth El-Kadhi Brown, costume designer Poppy Bell, and music by Roy Todd. 

Produced by Silverprince Pictures & Lewis and Ho Productions, MICAL is produced by Gordon Lewis and directed by Yewweng Ho. The film stars Jayne Lunn as Pat Jones, William Biletsky (Matilda: The Musical) as 7-year-old Mike Jones and Dale Grant as Peter Jones. Learn more at

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