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Released date: August 7th, 2019.

Two men, totally different in both age and outlook, have the strangest encounter of their lives. A caring friend? Calculating enemy? Whose intentions are honourable? Whose is corrupt? Is the relationship compatible or incompatible? Sick or ultimately indefensible? The decision is yours.

HIS HANDS is a modern silent film that speaks to the audience through strong performances, unusual imagery, lighting and sound. The film offers a stimulating and exhilarating vision of the world and the dark and dangerous society in which we live. It has a strong visual language that is consistent throughout and incorporates symbolic ‘poetry’ in its framing, lighting and composition. Arron and Darius want viewers to question what they see, feel a myriad of emotions and work out what this piece means to them. The themes touched on are isolation, loneliness, acceptance, ageism and identity. The directors kept it silent and the narrative is open to everyone to interpret it their own way.

Produced by Silverprince Pictures & Little Deer Films, HIS HANDS is written and directed by Arron Blake and Darius Shu and is their directorial debut. Darius Shu served as the cinematographer on board the film. It stars Arron Blake and Philip Brisebois. The film holds a 98% rating on Amazon Prime and critically acclaimed by film critics with rave positive reviews by renowned magazines and publications such as Advocate and Attitude. Mark Gatiss, the producer of Netflix-BBC series Dracula and Sherlock reviewed the film as, "A beguilingly beautiful gem, Arron Blake and Darius Shu's His Hands defies easy analysis. Shot through with strange, homoerotic melancholy it's ravishing to look at and haunts the memory long after."


HIS HANDS was nominated Best Narrative Short at the world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival 2019 and is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. His Hands will be coming to the LGBT streaming service Dekkoo later this year.

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