From the visionary mind of writer and director, Darius Shu, GOLDFISH is a British East Asian comedy-drama film, produced by Tuyet Van Huynh. The story follows 18-year-old Vinnie fearing his romantic relationship with Ryan will fall apart due to his non-existent sexual attraction towards him. 


‘Goldfish’ First Look: Darius Shu Debuts Concept Artwork From His New British East Asian queer comedy-drama film. 

“Goldfish” is described as a film that celebrates queer East Asian and asexuality. The film will be produced by Tuyet Van Huynh and the script, which Shu wrote, follows 18-year-old Vinnie, an asexual young gay man who is in a loving relationship with Ryan and he worries that as things progress over time, his relationship will fall apart when Ryan’s sexual desires arise. 

Shu’s debut film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2019 and his second highly praised film I Am Norman on conversion therapy premiered at Rhode Island International Film Festival in 2020. Shu is also a cinematographer who has worked on a Netflix documentary, Peach Paradise, a Sky TV television film, Sent to Cov, a drama-musical film Queer Parivaar and a visual film Stockholm, both premiered at BFI Flare LGBTQIA+ Film Festival 2022. 

Shu has said himself the project is inspired by his love for telling untold stories through a poetic and artistic intervention that will create a social impact and Wong Kar Wai films. 

Production on “Goldfish” will begin this year. Check out first look concept art in the images below and help fund the film. 

Goldfish poster square.jpg

produced by TUYET VAN HUYNH


There is a lack of representation of telling asexual stories within the LGBTQ+ community and in mainstream media. Asexuality has not been explored in a positive light nor has it been given the focus it deserves for people to understand the spectrum that it exists at a relationship level and more so in the East and Southasian cultural context where it is completely taboo.

By focusing on an East Asian asexual gay man and his exploration of existence in a relationship, my film aims to bring much-needed visibility to an under-recognised, under-served subpopulation within the asexual community and wider LGBTQ+ communities. Capturing the asexual male experience serves to validate and demarginalise their existence within their own communities and the communities around them.

GOLDFISH will feature predominantly an East Asian and Southeast Asian led cast with a multicultural diaspora of secondary cast on screen and behind the screen. Yasmin Benoit, who is an award-winning asexual activist and represents the ace community, is involved in playing a role in the film as well as a script consultant. With her recent one-of-a-kind partnership project with Stonewall to raise awareness of asexuality, this film will drive conversations around this topic to a whole new level and be made accessible for an audience of all ages and backgrounds.



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