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In Development

DEAD is a dark British comedy mockumentary set in a Funeral home on the Isle of Wight. 

After a swarm of complaints and dissatisfied customers, a film crew turns up at ‘Exit Here’
Funeral Home to get answers but end up sticking around.

Through the use of mockumentary style, we follow brother and sister duo Ruby and Kelly,
who have been thrust into the undesired position of management in the funeral home, The audience will join them as they struggle to get to grips with their new business and meet the 
the bizarre request's from their demanding customers. 

The TV pilot will be awkward, blunt, stylized, and relatable to anyone who has experienced loss.


As fans of film and tv, we noticed that there
hasn’t been too much, other than wonderous shows such as Six Feet Under, that reflect
what goes on when it comes to the planning and carrying out of a funeral in the UK. A relatable subject to many as one thing is certain in life for us all, it must come to an end at some point…. So
we’ve decided to take Funeral Directors to a new level! 

We wanted to create a show that would be an expression and reminder that we shouldn’t
see death as something morbid, to address mental health issues, to go through the five
stages of bereavement and see death as more of a celebration of life. It is about the people
left behind and how they grow from heart breaking situations. The story will cover death with
humour throughout. We wanted to do it through comedy and create ironic situations that
happen in real life.

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Produced by Silverprince Pictures. 

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