Matthew Barton & Darius Shu Releases New Original Film Soundtrack Single 'A Peaceful Killing' 

October 16, 2020

Matthew Barton and Darius Shu has released their first new single, ‘A Peaceful Killing’.

The track was co-written by Darius Shu and Matthew Barton and is their first collaboration to create an original soundtrack for the new mocku film 'I Am Norman'.

The music video for ‘A Peaceful Killing’ features Arron Blake carrying a body bag through the forest with themes of social rejection and loneliness. The concept was based on the film with scenes taken from it. 

“I was honoured when Arron and Darius asked me to work on this project with them, and I was excited by the creativity involved in producing a song to fit their vision. I was struck by how natural the process felt; the melody began to take root as soon as I sat at the piano. Darius then sent me a beautiful poem from which to base the lyric, and from there I began to sculpt the words - which fit perfectly with the music that was coming. It felt like it was meant to be. This song, for me, represents the power of collaboration - being open to other people and listening to other viewpoints can take you in different directions. 
The imagery in the song rests on the tension between the beautiful and the brutal, and I wanted to reflect that in the music too. I think it represents our lives in general. Life can be beautiful and brutal at the same time." Barton said.


“I had in mind to capture the feeling of what I was feeling this year when everything we had planned for 2020 came to a halt. I'm sure many people felt the same way as I did. To put those emotions through poetic lyrics in a song, that there will be light and hope and how all this chaos in the world can be so painful yet confusing to an individual. It may be killing us inside but we have to get through it. I wanted to create a soundtrack that will complement the film's story and I took out my pen and wrote the lyrics for the verse and chorus in 20 minutes at 1 am laying in bed. Matthew was a musical genius with his songwriting input and his vocals were perfect for the song. It's like he read my mind when the melody came together. I was mesmerised when he brought the song to life!" Shu said. 

Matthew Barton recently released his debut EP, Queen of England in August 2020 which includes the lead single "When I Was Young", via Florida's DIY indie Knifepunch Records. 

Listen to ‘A Peaceful Killing’ and watch the music video below.